As a leading independent provider of infrastructure managed services since 1988, our experience has shown us the importance for any organisation of choosing a trusted company that can deliver the right solutions on time and on budget with minimum downtime and maximum impact. With a tried and tested advisory approach reinforcing and underpinning each project, our consultancy delivers a breadth of expertise and experience to your business. We can analyse your situation, whether that is your business's objectives, an audit or an infrastructure assessment, to ensure our proposed solution will not only meet your expectations but exceed them.



It is essential for the success of any project that we obtain a clear and concise understanding of your current environments and solution objectives so that we can propose Infrastructure Management Solutions that are both workable and viable, tailored around your corporate infrastructure requirements. At Brookvex we have invested a lot of time and focus in developing a comprehensive Project Management Process.


With our flexible, consultative approach, we not only provide a technical evaluation and survey but also a designated project manager and engineer assigned to look at your technical infrastructure needs holistically. With an accredited skill set covering a broad range of solutions, technologies and expertise obtained from years of client consultancy projects, we identify the approach that is best for your business through our tested project management process.



Initial in-depth meetings to fully understand your workings and requirements both short-term and long-term

Assignment of a dedicated team including a Senior Project Manager, Engineer and Project Administrator

All work to be implemented alongside risk management and change control

A comprehensive change request management process

An impact review and a comprehensive review finalised by the sign-off procedure

A communications plan and process to ensure the day-to-day smooth running of the project encompassing objectives, goals, delivery processes and tools for all strategic and tactical communications

A robust program of work to achieve your objectives

A project plan containing a detailed activity for each phase

Feedback reports provided on completion of each stage



Our independence coupled with our engineering expertise means we are well positioned to advise on the products and solutions that suit both your objectives and your environment. This stems from an understanding of your core infrastructure whether that be telecommunications, electrical, security or eco solutions.


We are able to assist organisations with our extensive knowledge by evaluating products which will improve the long-term efficiency of our clients' business and enable us to provide the most cost-effective solutions. We are constantly scanning the market for new and evolving products and technologies in the telecommunications, electrical and security environments which are then tested in our Innovation Center. This process allows us to ensure that we are always finding the most valuable solutions for our customers to reduce costs and improve efficiencies As a leading provider of infrastructure managed services, customers can rest assure that the final solution will not only consist of tried and tested technologies but all our installations comply with the relevant industry and manufacturer standards that apply for the respective technologies involved.


With a comprehensive range of customer support services, it is paramount that our customers receive the right infrastructure solutions tailored for their business in order to maximize their investment.


These services include:


Project Management

Health checks, audits and inspections

Site surveys and quotes

Designs and specifications

Installations and handovers

Planned preventative maintenance

Maintenance contracts

Adds, moves and changes

Branded service desks

Administrative support

Professional services

Eco Co2 Health Checks

Building Services Management

Our flexible solutions include:


Infrastructure managed services

Industrial and commercial electrical infrastructure systems

Telephone infrastructure systems and voice networks

Data Solutions and complete IT Infrastructure solutions

Mobile networks and complete mobile solutions management

Cabling systems

Security and surveillance systems

Life safety systems

Data centre and equipment room construction

Eco consultancy and solutions

Training, established and bespoke

Building management solutions

Commercial design and refurbishment

Brookvex consultants thrive on providing independent advice on infrastructure managed solutions' products and services so that you can benefit from:


Measurable and managed support efficiencies and cost savings

Maximised infrastructure

Independent advice, consultancy and services including installation, maintenance, monitoring and testing by an accredited expert, resulting in lower overall cost of services delivery with predictable cost month on month

Experience in safety critical environments - such as the London Underground - which ensure tried and tested solutions

Compliance analysis to both current and forthcoming standards

Selection analysis of different manufacturers

Our consultancy, which offers design, installation, testing, maintenance and monitoring services, will provide you with an end-to-end solution utilising leading technologies tested in-house, augmented with an eco solution that is energy efficient for both the environment and your business.


Our infrastructure managed services always offer an independent and proactive approach, so that we are able to analyse and implement any new, emerging technologies which are relevant to your business, meaning better overall efficiency and reduction of costs.


However complex your objective is, you can be confident that we can provide smart managed infrastructure solutions that fulfil your requirements and surpass your expectations.


If you would like to known more about how we plan and carry out installations or our design capabilities why not


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