In collaboration with our environmental company Brookvex ECO we offer professional and independent advice and support in technical and strategic services across the entire energy efficiency and renewables sector. With core skills in Infrastructure Managed Solutions Brookvex are well positioned to bridge the gap between eco consultancy and the energy product producers. Brookvex provide a complete end to end energy management solution for your business with a focus on saving money. This not only reduces your Co2 emissions but also takes away the pain of managing this process.

One of the fastest and most effective ways for a business to increase profits is to reduce their energy costs and to become part of a low-carbon culture. Brookvex can provide intelligent energy-saving solutions for your business, so that you can experience the following benefits:



Energy efficient solutions

Self financing propositions

Higher return on investment

Better business prospects

Cost savings (up to 50%)

Grants eligibility and application support

Lower carbon emissions

Less energy consumption

Carbon trading - with your own ECO bank

New legislation now means that organisations of a certain size must adhere to the Carbon Reduction Commitment outlined by the Environmental Agency. For further details about how to save money and reach your carbon reduction targets please visit Brookvex ECO or contact one of our Eco Advisors for a comprehensive evaluation.

Brookvex ECO

Brookvex ECO provides integrated eco solutions focused on energy saving management and energy creation initiatives. We take a strategic consultative approach to energy management from systematic assessments to understand both our clients infrastructure and business requirements; through to the design, installation and monitoring of our independently assessed energy solutions so as to ensure consistent return on investment and a reduction in carbon emissions.

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