Innovation Centre

Brookvex's Innovation Centre is a special dedicated in-house testing facility for all of our recommended new products and solutions. As the hub of innovation and a think tank, it provides a fertile breeding ground for new ideas and enables Brookvex to respond quickly to its customers' needs. Continuous research, development and investments in new products and services have made Brookvex a leader of innovation in infrastructure managed services (IMS).

Brookvex recognises that its success in delivering cost effective IMS solutions depends on the ability to continually think, re-think and re-invent. Our Test Lab is intelligently designed for a dedicated team of researchers, specialists and engineers to undertake in-depth research and development.

This innovative environment enables not just new technologies to be understood and assessed but our partners and customers to submit and share ideas.

The Innovation Centre serves many purposes including:

A test lab for important projects and researching new ideas.

A showcase of solutions for customers.

An incubation centre for partners and customers to submit and test new concepts.

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