Since 1988, Brookvex has been carrying out installations all over the UK, growing in expertise and experience as well as numbers. Our accredited installation team coupled with our vast experience in infrastructure solutions and technologies has resulted in the outstanding quality of infrastructure managed services we provide to all of our customers.

From the beginning, our installation services have been an area of pride and investment owing to the consistently positive feedback obtained from our customers. This has played a key part in our organisation's significant growth and development and enabled us to obtain further business thanks to our reputation as one of the best installers in the market.

Within our extensive international team we offer a pool of technical specialists who are not only experienced but have successfully trained via the Brookvex Training Academy which sets us apart from our competitors.

Our success lies in the successful completion of countless installations each year in critical environments. Every installation has dedicated account managers overseeing each key account guided by clear processes and honed procedures.

One of our major clients is London Underground, where over many years we have installed telecommunications, electrical and security solutions, constantly evolving to meet the organisation's ever growing requirements, irrespective of scope or complexity. Brookvex is extremely proud to have been able to consistently meet the high standards demanded by such a huge organisation as London Underground. This is in part due to the fact that all of our installations are undertaken to comply with strict health and safety legislation and appropriate local regulations. To ensure our solutions are 100% operational on their completion we undertake all the testing and commissioning works required in-house.

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