Life Safety

The Home Office's projected statistics indicate that over the next 12 months, at least 100,000 building fires will occur in the UK in which around 600 people will lose their lives.

These numbers could be significantly reduced if better fire and life safety systems are implemented. Trouble can strike at any time - whether accidents, fire or natural disasters - resulting in devastating effects on your people and your business. With Brookvex, it needn't be that way.

Brookvex provide an unsurpassed level of protection, through the design, installation, integration, monitoring and maintenance of all of your Business and Life Safety Systems, ensuring a positive and proven way to minimise your risk, help prevent property loss and provide a safer environment for your staff.

In law you are expected to take all reasonable steps to prevent fire, detect fire, contain fire and ensure a means of escape from fire. With an extensive portfolio of security and life safety products and solutions, Brookvex will enable you to do this.

Our life safety solutions include:-

Fire, smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detection systems

Gaseous extinguishing systems

Lone worker protection systems

Portable detectors and extinguishers

Addressable and non-addressable fire panels

Wireless fire detection and alarm systems

Voice alarm systems

Emergency lighting

Fire resistant cabling

Full installs and upgrades


Brookvex also wants to ensure that both your business and your people are fully protected. Storage systems, whether computer or paper-based, can be at risk of theft or physical damage through a fire or flood.

To discover that your present solution was not able to protect your critical information when a disaster has occurred is your worst nightmare. Our data backup and disaster recovery solutions ensure our customers have complete business continuity. Backups can enable you to continue trading even if valuable computer data has been lost.

Unsure about the risks your business is facing? Contact a Brookvex Consultant at: +44 (0)20 8687 5560

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