Brookvex (LIVIS Safety Barrier) System

The Brookvex LSB System has been designed to create a safe working environment and increase productive working time on Rail and Aviation Infrastructure.


Previous deployments have demonstrated that the Brookvex LSB System can increase productive working time by 500% thereby dramatically reducing the cost of a job.


With careful planning, project costs can be reduced by as much as 50%.


Having successfully gained full LUL approval for use on all platforms, depots, and concourses. Commissioning the Brookvex LSB for your project is a simple generic process that our team will support.

We are currently working towards Network Rail approval.


The Brookvex LSB system is engineered to provide full-scale protection to airside and land-side structures, equipment and most importantly people. This ensures minimum disruption and optimum traffic flow for passengers and critical logistics - providing continuous operations at significantly reduced costs.

Brookvex LSB System Key Facts

  • Modular Construction

  • Multiple Height Options, either 1.8m or 2.8m dependent on project requirements

  • Fixed Mode, Complete platform length Dismantled in Less than 15 Minutes and Reassembled in less than 20 minutes.

  • Provides the Maximum Platform Footprint, allowing multiple trades and disciplines unparalleled working space

  • Vacuum Powered - No impact on assets

  • Fixed Mode, Minimal Impact to Existing Surfaces.

  • Suitable for all Passageways, Platforms, Depots, Pit Roads and Concourse Areas 

  • Installed by Competent / Trained Resources

  • Fully Trained Barrier Monitors ensure the system remains completely functional during the deployment periods

  • Fully Adaptable via Various Accessories to Suit your needs

  • Incorporates Access and Egress Gates for Switch Rooms, Plant Rooms and Dedicated Secure Access for Train Staff

Brookvex LSB System Features

  • Shock Absorbers – reduces forces applied to the surface that the barrier is fixed to during an incident.  

  • Standby Pump – In the event of a failure of the duty pump a standby pump can be manually selected.

  • Vacuum Reservoirs – the use of reservoirs allows a continuation of vacuum / suction of up to 30mins without the use of the vacuum pumps.

  • Manual Struts – manual struts can be deployed if suction is lost

  • Visual and Audible Alarm – if failure occurs, a Piezo alarm (100 dbA, warble) will sound and  xenon  light (1 Hz flashing) will flash.

  • Trained Personnel – whilst working in safety critical environments the barrier must be attended and monitored by a competent person.

  • Commissioning the Brookvex Safety Barrier System for your project is a Simple Generic Process which allows you to plan works e.g. platform closures quickly and with ease

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