In order for an organisation to run efficiently with little or no downtime, it requires regular monitoring and maintenance. This must take place to pre-empt any potential operational blips or technical infrastructure problems.

Brookvex is driven to deliver carefully planned maintenance services to prevent problems occurring, as well as providing consistent monitoring of both equipment and energy usage.

Brookvex’s maintenance procedures adhere to strict service level agreements. These are offered as part of a tailor-made maintenance package designed to best fit your organisations needs, providing flexibility where required.

The purpose of this maintenance service is to ensure the ongoing availability and operation of your infrastructure, whilst minimising your total cost of ownership. This service will guarantee that your infrastructure is checked on a regular basis by qualified inspectors. It will give you early sight of potential problems, which will minimise the cost of their repair while enabling you to avoid any impact on your business.

To ensure thoroughness and consistency, all our inspections are undertaken in accordance with comprehensive checklists that have been designed by experts in each of the infrastructure arenas. We will ensure consistency of services by logging in to your infrastructure from our control centre and implementing a fix or workaround if required or despatching an appropriately qualified engineers to site to ensure that the day to day running of your business remains completely unaffected.

As part of our Eco service and Brookvex’s commitment to the environment, we seek to extend equipment life wherever possible, decreasing your business’s overall energy consumption and in turn reducing your carbon footprint to give you a better return on investment.

In line with our flexible approach, we offer maintenance around the clock – but you can identify and prevent potential problems from occurring in the first place with our complete 24/7 monitoring solution.


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