Brookvex pinpoints the crucial factors within the transport sector as being efficiency, accessibility and most of all safety, all being made available on demand, without compromising passenger comfort or security.


In order for these to function at their absolute best, Brookvex provides core telecommunications and communications expertise as well as ongoing support in order for clients to successfully deliver their agreement.


We are proud to be a key supplier of infrastructure managed services to all of our public and private sector clients through a number of framework agreements and implement a strict sign-off process in line with our project management procedure.

As a leading infrastructure installer for London Underground since 1992, Brookvex currently provides telecommunications, electrical and security solutions - all safety critical and cost effective solutions that have been proven and tested.


Brookvex maintain a commitment to delivering innovative solutions that save money and improve efficiencies throughout the full range of technology services for transport applications, also including those for airport, road and port operations.



Brookvex has an exceptional track record of working with companies and organisations in the transport, financial services, public sector, telecommunications, education and retail sectors.


Our depth of understanding and first-class expertise in infrastructure managed services enables us to pinpoint solutions, for your organisation, quickly and efficiently.


Our industry specific experts are always on hand to provide a consultative end to end solution.

Financial Services

The Financial Services Industry is evolving rapidly, with only forward-thinking companies being best positioned to satisfy an ever-demanding client base and retain client loyalty.


Complex regulation and legislation compliance for every region where you do business requires more effective risk management strategies and greater transparency. In order to be more successful, financial services businesses are managing every aspect of their business through investment in infrastructure managed services. Banks, including trading floors, are having to face an environment that is constantly changing with tougher competition, the introduction of new technologies and diminishing margins.


This has all heightened the importance of more efficient and secure processes to build and sustain competitive advantage.

Brookvex delivers trusted infrastructure solutions that help the financial sector address these challenges. These include the streamlining of financial management to increase efficiency and manage costs more effectively, and better integration of processes and systems for consistency across multiple customer service channels.



By being a single supplier of infrastructure solutions for the educational sector, Brookvex can solve many budgetary issues faced by schools, colleges, universities or private training institutes.

Brookvex offers a broad range of services specifically tailored to educational institutions, enabling it to be a one-stop infrastructure solution provider to the education sector, providing long-term proactive support.

Through working with schools, colleges and private institutions throughout the UK, Brookvex has proven experience of how education institutions can create a more efficient learning environment - not just in terms of teaching - but with regards to energy consumption and noise.


As a consultancy in infrastructure managed services, we can advise you on the benefits of being energy efficient - for example, how lower energy use results in lower heat emissions in order to keeping classrooms cooler, and how changing your school's lighting can dramatically reduce electricity costs, therefore keeping budgets under control.

To find out how Brookvex can offer a highly reliable, fully functional, cost and energy efficient infrastructure and deliver innovative solutions for the education market,


Call us now on +44 (0)20 8687 5560.

Public Sector

In the Public sector, Brookvex works in partnership with a range of organisations from hospitals and schools to councils and government bodies across the UK to develop and deliver smarter, more efficient ways of working. We have a comprehensive understanding of the many requirements specific to the different areas, from innovative technologies to security cleared specialists, while at the same time ensuring successful systems implementation that are compliant with environmental and legislative policies.

Brookvex has undertaken extensive work throughout UK public and private hospitals and has delivered infrastructure management solutions to address the radical changes currently taking place which will see budgets drastically cut. Our proven healthcare infrastructure solutions are cost effective to ensure that the running of daily operations are not compromised or greatly affected. These solutions are supported by simple, cost effective finance options tailored to suit your needs.

We also understand the policy implications and opportunities presented with the Modernising Government agenda. Brookvex's experience enables it to accurately plan for the future to deliver sustainable business outcomes for public organisations across the UK, improving your ICT operations, innovating, transforming and achieving year on year efficiency savings.

Brookvex has years of experience in the education sector, having gained a reputation for successfully delivering mission critical solutions in order to meet your organisation's predefined objectives whilst improving operational efficiency and services to your users.

Brookvex's detailed knowledge of each sector enables them to design targeted solutions and services that are sensitive to the individual challenges faced by them.


Brookvex is a total communications infrastructure provider with a consultative approach, tapping into our vast experience to provide a complete range of telecommunications solutions and equipment dependent on your business needs.


As it becomes increasingly vital for players in the telecommunications sector to be cost efficient and outsource non-core activities, it is becoming equally important for network operators as well as OEMs to find suppliers they can trust.

Brookvex provides a single source of supply for all your telecommunications network requirements, from network installation and technical support through to outsourcing, logistics and product supply.


Brookvex offers telecommunications solutions that afford optimum connectivity and speed to ensure your business is running as efficiently as possible.


Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind successful retailing. Brookvex understands the pressures that retail companies are facing, particularly in the current financial climate. In order to survive and grow, businesses must respond and take steps to become more efficient and flexible whilst simultaneously reduce costs.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the retail industry in order to deliver a full range of infrastructure solutions, allowing you to focus more fully on the core objectives that drive your retail business forward.


A dedicated Brookvex project management team will ensure that developing additional functionality and integration with existing systems is an on-going process. They will also work with you to reduce downtime, ensuring that areas are not unnecessarily closed to customers when changing a light bulb, for example.

Brookvex's aim is to show real benefit in using a trusted provider of infrastructure managed services, one of the important factors being in improving customer care. Both in cost and time efficiencies, Brookvex deliver a quick and focused response to customer needs which is vital in today's extremely competitive retail market.


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