Protecting your business is the intelligent choice for any company. Brookvex Security provides its customers with the most effective ways to protect their staff and premises through the implementation of security systems - from CCTV surveillance systems, Intruder alarms, Access Control and PA systems to bespoke electric gate installations, security shutters and grills - to match their required level of protection.

Whether you require a higher level of security through a sophisticated combination of multiple security systems, or you prefer to opt for an individual solution dependent on your security needs, Brookvex has a broad selection of security and surveillance solutions tailored to your requirements. In either case, you can rest assured that Brookvex has a comprehensive wealth of experience in the installation of technologies to advise you on the right solution and provide you with the desired security enhancements. From a single camera or door system to corporation-wide, multi-site access control systems, Brookvex is happy to assist with all of your security solutions.

We Supply, Install and Maintain:

Intruder Alarm systems

With a specific tailor made and consultative approach, Brookvex customises the design of its intruder alarm systems to the building to be protected and the users who will operate within it. From homes and offices and single retail outlets, to large high security installations including banks, financial institutions or other vulnerable, high-risk sites such as public utilities, airports and railways, Brookvex offers an extensive range of control systems from leading manufacturers.

With a dedicated call-out team providing maintenance coverage throughout the UK, we operate on a 24/7 basis, providing remote resets for alarms and rectification of malicious damage.


Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are designed for organisations managing premises where there is a need to control access by members of staff and visitors whilst restricting access for unwanted or unauthorised individuals. Brookvex provides commercial solutions ranging from single user areas to heavy traffic and multiple personnel areas.

Regardless of the premise's size, Brookvex is able to tap into its vast pool of experience in design and configuration of access control systems.

With multi-site clients, we are able to interlink systems so that monitoring and control of all site access from any one location can be ensured.

CCTV Systems

Brookvex has many years of experience in the CCTV industry installing CCTV systems into a variety of residential, commercial and industrial premises, including manufacturing facilities, private banks and currently for a major sporting event in 2012. Along with a dedicated, highly qualified team of professional installation and service engineers, Brookvex can provide you with the latest proven technologies from the world's leading equipment manufacturers.

Covering the whole of the UK, our CCTV engineers can assist you with new installations, maintenance and support -including scheduled and emergency servicing - as well as upgrades to your existing CCTV systems, incorporating day/night technology, privacy domes and licence plate recognition. Our expertise ensures quality pictures under the most demanding conditions.

CCTV systems may be integrated with access control, intruder alarms, fire systems, and computer networks. From static, zoom or PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) technology to IP or standard CCTV technology, Brookvex can implement the solution to meet your needs.

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