From design, installation and management to maintenance and monitoring, our application of infrastructure technologies is designed to match your needs with minimum intrusion and maximum success.


Our intelligent infrastructure services enable your business to capitalise on efficiencies, improve accountability and increase savings.


As a leading independent provider of infrastructure managed services since 1988, our experience has shown us the importance for any organisation of choosing a trusted company that can deliver the right solutions on time and on budget with minimum downtime and maximum impact. With a tried and tested advisory approach reinforcing and underpinning each project, our consultancy delivers a breadth of expertise and experience to your business.



When it comes to large complex projects, our design team can call upon their extensive experience to design the most comprehensive but visually simple solution for your organisation's infrastructure needs.


Through the use of industry recognised software packages to create effective telecommunications, electrical and security solutions, we have the capabilities to optimise your existing environment.



Since 1988, Brookvex has been carrying out installations all over the UK, growing in expertise and experience as well as numbers.


Our accredited installation team coupled with our vast experience in infrastructure solutions and technologies has resulted in the outstanding quality of infrastructure managed services we provide to all of our customers.


In order for an organisation to run efficiently with little or no downtime, it requires regular monitoring and maintenance. This must take place to pre-empt any potential operational blips or technical infrastructure problems.

Brookvex is driven to deliver carefully planned maintenance services to prevent problems occurring, as well as providing consistent monitoring of both equipment and energy usage.



The term 24/7 is synonymous with modern life, but when it comes to monitoring, Brookvex offers just that: around-the-clock monitoring.

When you're a corporate organisation focused on your business goals, avoiding any issues relating to your operations or infrastructure which could pose a threat is paramount. Monitoring requires less management time, and enables Brookvex to flag up any problems before they occur, avoiding any unnecessary and costly problems.



The Brookvex Academy provides an excellent training centre to meet a variety of needs in terms of personal development, practical skills and knowledge training to industry specific workshops and accreditation's for long-term career development.


Innovation Centre

Brookvex's Innovation Centre is a special dedicated in-house testing facility for all of our recommended new products and solutions.


As the hub of innovation and a think tank, it provides a fertile breeding ground for new ideas and enables Brookvex to respond quickly to its customers' needs.


Continuous research, development and investments in new products and services have made Brookvex a leader of innovation in infrastructure managed services (IMS).


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