As a leading provider of infrastructure managed solutions for the last 23 years, our independence coupled with our engineering expertise means we are well positioned to advise on the products and solutions that suit both your objectives and your environment.


This stems from an understanding of your core infrastructure whether that be telecommunications, electrical, security or ECO solution based.


Whether industrial or commercial, Brookvex is dedicated to supplying, installing and supporting a wide range of electrical systems through the following services:

Survey, Design and Build

New or Refurbishment

Alteration and Additions

Periodic Testing and Inspection


Operation and Maintenance manuals

CAD Drawings

Integrated Hand Over



Brookvex understands the importance of staying connected - that's why we offer a comprehensive range of telecommunications infrastructure solutions tailored to meet your needs. Brookvex know how important reliability and quality of service is to ensure dependable delivery of voice, data and multimedia services.


This could either mean a straightforward fixed line or IT (WiFi) design and installation, or a versatile mobility solution enabling you to cost effectively work wherever and however you choose.


Using progressive technology such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and voice recognition software all this is possible. Brookvex will find the best way to deliver a voice, data or mobile system tailored to your company's exact requirements.


In today's environment, it is a priority that an organisation's data network system functions at its absolute best.


Whether hardware or software, Brookvex deploys a dedicated technical consultant to project manage your networking requirements, from the initial design stage, through implementation and commissioning prior to client handover.


This underlines Brookvex's commitment in partnering at each and every stage of the process.

Whether you require a fully integrated system design for a new-build skyscraper or just a few additional outlets on an existing system, we have a proven track record that demonstrates our full capabilities as a leader in networking and connectivity.



Protecting your business is the intelligent choice for any company. Brookvex Security provides its customers with the most effective ways to protect their staff and premises through the implementation of security systems - from CCTV surveillance systems, Intruder alarms, Access Control and PA systems to bespoke electric gate installations, security shutters and grills - to match their required level of protection.


Whether you require a higher level of security through a sophisticated combination of multiple security systems, or you prefer to opt for an individual solution dependent on your security needs, Brookvex has a broad selection of security and surveillance solutions tailored to your requirements. In either case, you can rest assured that Brookvex has a comprehensive wealth of experience in the installation of technologies to advise you on the right solution and provide you with the desired security enhancements. From a single camera or door system to corporation-wide, multi-site access control systems, Brookvex is happy to assist with all of your security solutions.


Life Safety

The Home Office's projected statistics indicate that over the next 12 months, at least 100,000 building fires will occur in the UK in which around 600 people will lose their lives.

These numbers could be significantly reduced if better fire and life safety systems are implemented. Trouble can strike at any time - whether accidents, fire or natural disasters - resulting in devastating effects on your people and your business. With Brookvex, it needn't be that way.



In collaboration with our environmental company Brookvex ECO we offer professional and independent advice and support in technical and strategic services across the entire energy efficiency and renewable sector.


With core skills in Infrastructure Managed Solutions Brookvex are well positioned to bridge the gap between eco consultancy and the energy product producers.


Brookvex provide a complete end to end energy management solution for your business with a focus on saving money. This not only reduces your Co2 emissions but also takes away the pain of managing this process.


Facilities Management

With many companies now opting for Facilities Management (FM) arrangements, they can trust Brookvex as their sole source provider for all of their facilities' needs.


Brookvex provides a comprehensive range covering every area of FM within the confines of a building, from the installation and maintenance of electrical, security, fire alarm, life safety and communication systems down to office refurbishment, cleaning and grounds maintenance.

Outsourcing your FM requirements, either as a gradual process or incorporated under one total FM arrangement, means lower costs across all areas of voice, data, mobile, electrical and security systems as well as less downtime for your business.


LIVIS Safety Barrier

The Brookvex LSB System has been designed to create a safe working environment and increase productive working time on Rail and Aviation Infrastructure.


Previous deployments have demonstrated that the Brookvex LSB System can increase productive working time by 500% thereby dramatically reducing the cost of a job.


With careful planning, project costs can be reduced by as much as 50%.


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