Brookvex understands the importance of staying connected - that's why we offer a comprehensive range of telecommunications infrastructure solutions tailored to meet your needs.


Brookvex know how important reliability and quality of service is to ensure dependable delivery of voice, data and multimedia services. This could either mean a straightforward fixed line or IT (WiFi) design and installation, or a versatile mobility solution enabling you to cost effectively work wherever and however you choose.


Using progressive technology such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and voice recognition software all this is possible. Brookvex will find the best way to deliver a voice, data or mobile system tailored to your company's exact requirements.

With its consultative approach, Brookvex's expertise lies in the commissioning of leading systems and smart telephone management that delivers cost effective solutions time and time again. This has been proven through our partnership with London Underground, which has seen a 21% reduction in its average spend per user since Brookvex took over the management of its mobile phone account in 2006.

Brookvex deliver well-designed, robust solutions that are:





By taking advantage of our expertise you can enjoy the latest mobile technologies through converged voice, data and multimedia solutions.

Brookvex's mobile managed service removes all the hassle of managing and monitoring your business' mobiles. We focus on understanding your needs and act as an integrated part of your support team. We provide a complete end to end management service covering everything from new user remote configuration, and license management, to bill reduction services and activity report analysis.

Thanks to Brookvex's awareness and understanding of the market and its needs, we can recommend new solutions tailored to suit your business, and help you to work smarter and stay connected with integrated voice, data and mobile solutions wherever you are.

For a clearer understanding of how Brookvex can help you with its broad range of voice, data and mobile solutions tailored around your business needs,


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